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Our Products

For a small store our customers are continually amazed at the variety of products we can fit in, along with full ranges from our key manufacturers. We carry over 3000 lines in store and yes, we do know what they’re all about!

We have a selection of our most popular ranges available for order online. If the product you want isn’t listed, just give us a call and we can help!

 Our top brands include:

wild nutrition

 This hugely popular range of FOOD-GROWN vitamins  provide bespoke formulations for maximum absorption.

From an initial range aimed at fertility and women’s health, they have developed a range of vitamins and minerals for the whole family.

solgar vitamin & herb

One of our core brands, these long time leading manufacturers offer an extensive range of nutrients and complexes.


If you’ve been in our store, you’ll know we absolutely love the herbal remedies from A.Vogel. Their commitment to following the principles of Alfred Vogel make their products unique. 

And their herb farm and gardens in Switzerland are a truly magical place.

optibac probiotics

So much of our health requires a healthy gut and microbiome. Even our immune system depends on it.

Optibac are a leading specialist manufacturer of probiotics. Their research and development is phenomenal – feel free to ask us about this.  

pukka herbs

Pukka Herbs harness the power of Ayurvedic plants to bring a range of products to enhance and promote wellbeing and great health.

Firm favourites include their Wholistic herbs along with commitment to the world we live in too.


We are still adding many products to the online shop.

Please do call us if you can’t see your usual products or would like to order something you can’t see.

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Product Spotlight

One of our all time favourite products is Strath. Whether you simply feel a little under the weather, have a particularly busy and stressful time or are going through a period of ill health then Strath may be beneficial. Read Angela’s blog on this superhero product to find out more.

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