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Pukka Love


A heart-warming touch of rose, chamomile & lavender

Made simply with flowers, this is an offering of love. Give yourself up to a cup of care where roses, lavender, chamomile and FairWIld elderflowers and lime flowers will enrich your every sip. A delicate way to spread a little love every blessed and beautiful day.

Every Pukka tea uses the highest grade organic herbs. Each one blending our herbal wisdom with delicious flavours to help you lead a fairer, happier life.

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20 herbal tea sachets.

Infuse for up to 15 minutes.

Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, organically grown ingredients: Chamomile flower (25%), limeflower, elderflower, marigold flower, licorice root, rose flower (5%), lavender flower (5%)

50% FairWild certified ingredient (limeflower, elderflower, licorice) by dried weight.
50% Fair trade ingredients certified according to the Fair for Life Standard – limeflower, elderflower, licorice.