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CBDOne Signature Blend No.1


Signature Blend No.1 is the entry-level strength in the Signature Blend range, so makes a brilliant choice if you’re wanting a gentler product, with a great price tag. It boasts 500mg of CBD in each 10ml bottle, with a quality, full-spectrum blend.

The Signature Blend range of oil drops is one of our most popular offerings, with three products containing different strengths of CBD. Oil drops are commonly considered to be a great way to enjoy CBD if you’re looking for a calming effect.

With whichever Signature Blend you’re choosing, you’ll be getting our signature Dutch extract and a rich terpene profile. Simply put the oil drops under your tongue for a potent dose of full-spectrum Hemp extract.

Every bottle has these great benefits

  • High-quality, full-spectrum Hemp extract
  • Rich terpene profile for a better flavour and aroma
  • Offers the “Entourage Effect”
  • Lab verified

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Directions for use: Place two or three drops under your tongue for two minutes, then swallow. Repeat these steps two or three times per day, starting with a smaller frequency and gradually increasing.

Ingredients: Hempseed Oil, raw Hemp extract. Contains 500mg of CBD.