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From early beginnings with sacks of muesli alongside brain and nerve pills in little red miniature hat boxes to one of the country’s leading independent health food stores – discover our story here


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Our team is made up of a wide variety of diverse individuals with one common theme – we all love to help people and we all want to help using natural approaches to health and wellbeing!

Different to the rest

The Natural Food Store is a unique health food shop based on Exchange Street in the centre of Norwich.

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service combined with specialist advice from trained professionals

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4 Exchange Street
Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1AT
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We all look forward to a break away from the normal day to day routines, but if you’ve ever spent your precious time away feeling under the weather you’ll know how miserable that can be. Why not try our top tips for a happy and healthy holiday, naturally? It might...

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Can Prebiotics help us get a good night’s sleep?

Can Prebiotics help us get a good night’s sleep?

This weekend we've been inundated with people enquiring as to whether we sell prebiotics in store and will this get them the great night's sleep they're craving. Why, because it featured heavily in the BBC documentary "The Truth About Sleep" last week and of all the...

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So, Turmeric… is it nature’s greatest superfood?

So, Turmeric… is it nature’s greatest superfood?

If you were to google a natural remedy for almost any ailment, chances are you'll find someone, somewhere recommending turmeric as the best thing to take. Why is this yellow spice seen to be possibly nature's greatest home remedy? Can it really...

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About Us

The Natural Food Store is a unique health food store; based in Exchange Street, right in the heart of the historic Norman city of Norwich since 1977.

We are an independent family run business and our vision is simple – to offer natural approaches to great health for everyone.

Your experience with us matters – we want to make sure that we do our very best to find the right products for you, with a friendly approach where nothing is too much trouble! We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service alongside expert advice from our professionally trained team in all areas of natural medicine.

Our healthy living section is packed with informative articles to help you discover the world of benefits offered by natural remedies or visit our latest news to make sure you’re up to date with latest research and great new products. It will also keep you updated with the latest happenings within our store and will answer the questions everyone’s asking in store.

We want to keep you up to date with all our latest news – you can visit and like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to make sure you never miss an exciting new development!

What Customers Are Saying

“Angela and the team are kind, thoughtful and very insightful in their knowledge and recommendations. I’ve personally been through a very difficult year with digestive issues and The Natural Food Store has been a significant part of my recovery. They don’t try to suggest loads of confusing options they simply recommend what is right for your needs and how to best ease any symptoms. Amazing team!”

Natasha M

“Not sure I’m truly qualified to comment, since I’ve only known the store for 15 years or so. I visit a lot of health stores on my travels and Norwich’s finest is genuinely one of the best; knowledge, service, product quality. It’s not the largest store and so doesn’t keep every brand but that makes them more selective. No faddy products to make a quick buck, just brilliant practitioner-level advice, which is what really counts!!”

Earle L

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