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Over the last couple of years, chia seeds have made themselves very well known in the world of healthy food bloggers. Why? Our student homeopath Katie tells us why Chia Seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and her favourite SuperHero SuperFood…

“My SuperHero SuperFood are Chia seeds. Used for thousands of years, they were a very important food for the Aztecs & Mayans for their ability to provide energy! They are a great source of protein, essential omega 3 fats, fibre, minerals (especially calcium, gram for gram higher than most dairy products!) & antioxidants. Their health benefits are similar to linseeds but these don’t need to be ground beforehand. These little nutritional powerhouses are super easy to use and can be added to smoothies, sprinkled onto most dishes, sprouted, added to bread & muffins or even made in to a tasty chocolate pudding or spread due to their ability to absorb 27 times their weight in water.

Despite their tiny size chia seeds are one of the most nutritional foods on the planet!”

So if you’re looking for a way to boost your morning smoothie or thicken homemade jam, why not try Chia Seeds and see if they’re your SuperHero SuperFood too?