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We all want to be as fit and active as possible in life so looking after our joints is an important part of our health.

If you find that you ache more than you would like, try our top 5 ways to keep moving!

Glucosamine & Chondroitin these help you body to repair worn away cartilage and replace the vital synovial fliud within the joint. (Not suitable for those with a shellfish allergy, although a vegetarian Glucosamine is available.)

Devil’s Claw – an effective herbal remedy to ease inflammation and reduce pain in arthritic and rheumatic joints.

Arnica Gel – clinical trials have shown this to be as effective as ipuprofen gels for relieving pain and inflammation without side effects. If you’ve never tried it, ask us for a free sample to try it today. (Stocks can be limited but we often get samples in!)

Seven – This combination of top quality collagen and herbs from Solgar is designed as the next generation glucosamine – to help you keep active, recover from injury or wear and tear damage and ensure you don’t feel restricted by painful joints or muscles.

Reduce acid foods – most importantly if you want to keep joints healthy or reduce pain from inflamed / damaged joints you need to reduce your intake of acidic foods. Stay clear of tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries and other berries, tea, coffee, red meat and fizzy drinks. These foods encourage the body to produce uric acid and that can make painful joints hurt more!

For more information on healthy joints, just pop in or call us and talk to our trained advisors to see how we can help you keep moving!