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We all look forward to a break away from the normal day to day routines, but if you’ve ever spent your precious time away feeling under the weather you’ll know how miserable that can be.

Why not try our top tips for a happy and healthy holiday, naturally?

It might sound obvious, but make sure you know if you’re going to need sun cream or are likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. Find out if tummy upsets are common where you’re going? Are you going on a sporting holiday
– can you find remedies like Arnica where you’re going or do you need a bumps and bruises kit to take away?

Wherever you travel you’re going to want to eat and if your digestive system doesn’t always respond well to a change in diet, then plan ahead. Start taking a good probiotic at least a fortnight before you travel and ensure you have enough to see you through your holiday too. Optibac are a great range and are tested for stability without needing to be refrigerated. They’re also extensively tested so their formulations contain the best and highest quality strains. Try their “For Travel” or “For Every Day”. If your tummy feels great, then you’ll enjoy your trip far more without needing to worry as to where the loos are!

We know we need to protect our skin from the sun. Make sure you understand how SPF labelling works and that you choose a sun cream which won’t are up any existing skin conditions. Green People and Eco Cosmetics are just 2 of the ranges we carry instore in a wide variety of SPFs. Make sure you take some Aloe Vera gel too. If you do get caught out and spend too long in the sun, it makes an amaznigly soothing alternative to aftersun which cools instantly and reduces redness and blistering. If your skin is prone to heat rash or prickly heat, take a Beta Carotene supplement for at least 2 weeks before you travel and while you’re away to help reduce this uncomfortable condition.

Are you the person who gets all the bites when you’re away? Unfortunately, some people are naturally tastier to mozzies than others but you can change this. Take a high strength B-Complex and a high strength Garlic for 2 weeks before you travel and whilst you’re away. We can’t guarantee you’ll be bite free but you won’t be the tastiest item on their menu! Our top recommendation is to take 1 each of Solgar’s Extra High Potency B-Complex and Kyolic Garlic 600 daily. For extra protection, Vogel’s Insect Repellent Spray uses the powerful herb Neem (azadirachta indica) which repels even the most persistent bugs-it was tested and shown to be effective against the fearsome Scottish midges, what more need we say! If you do get bitten a tube of Combudoron ointment or spray will soothe and ease even the reddest of bites, or if you suffer from lots of swelling when you are bitten, then you could try homeopathic Apis 200c.

Travel on planes and trains can take its toll on our immune system, leaving us more susceptible to bugs. Remember to to stock up on Echinacea (Vogel’s Echinaforce Throat Spray is really handy when travelling) and keep a small spray of colloidial silver with you. Colloidial silver is a brilliant anti-microbial and can also help speed up wound healing too.

If tummy troubles are likely, take a bottle of Citricidal with you. Tiny enough to squeeze into even the most jam-packed suitcase it is excellent for helping to rid the tummy of any nasty bugs you might pick up on your travels. If you get travel sick, Travella is a homeopathic preparation designed to reduce the nausea before it starts and Gin-Gins are handy pocket sized sweets which pack a real punch of nausea-busting ginger into delicious sweets.

Travelling can be extremely stressful at the best of times and if you don’t like travelling then the worry and anxiety can ruin an otherwise magical holiday. Rescue Remedy can be really useful for flying fears or if even the thought of travelling has you in a cold sweat, why not try Vogel’s Avenacalm made with Avena Sativa to help you through this worrying time.

Our Top Holiday First Aid Essentials:

  • plasters
  • bandage
  • sterile wipes
  • citricidal for healthy tummies
  • colloidial silver as an anti-microbial
  • arnica pills for bumps and bruises
  • calendula ointment for cuts and grazes
  • probiotic for good gut health
  • echinacea spray for sore throats
  • combudoron for bites
  • Vogel insect repellent spray
  • aloe vera gel for sunburn for sore, red skin
  • Green People SPF 30 organic sun cream