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So it’s that time of year already – summer is coming to an end, the nights are drawing in just a little bit and the kids are returning to school.

Going back to school can bring a whole range of health issues to mind, from coughs and colds to anxiety and self confidence issues. Which is where we can help! Below you’ll find my top kids remedies to help with all manner of ailments to ensure the start of term runs as smoothly as possible (although I can’t promise you won’t forget a book bag or PE kit in the rush out of the door…!)

Let’s start with the dreaded immune system. Schools are a hotbed of bugs, lots of children all playing together in close proximity is bound to spread and share nasty little viral critters around! Luckily, this year we have a fabulous new product from Nature’s Aid – Kidz Immune Support. Packed full of virus busting Elderberry and Zinc along with Vitamin C & D to help the Immune System. Suitable for children over 6 years old, it’s a yummy blackcurrant flavour with no sugar (just a little stevia to sweeten it slightly)… what’s not to love?

Probiotics. Everything starts with a healthy gut – from great digestion and regular motions to immune system function we need a thriving colony of friendly bacteria. The lovely people at Optibac® and at Nature’s Aid have both developed probiotic powders especially for children and babies. Especially important after antibiotics, friendly bacteria can make a big difference to overall health and help to maintain regularity, improve digestion and keep nasty bacteria at bay!

Bio-Strath®. Often recommended by us as an aid to convalescence or to bolster energy reserves after illness or stressful times, Bio-Strath® is also a fabulous remedy for children. Shown to help improve concentration in the classroom it has also been used to help improve concentration in children with ADHD. If you’d like more information, drop us a line!

Omega-3. Long hailed as an aid to brain function, this essential fatty acid (essential because we can’t make it, we HAVE to ingest it) is vital for optimum brain function. It doesn’t have to be overly fishy fish oils, we have omega-3 from seed oils, in capsules and natural lemon flavour liquid.

Flower essences. Whilst not something you’d always think of for children, flower essences such as Rescue Remedy® can be a really useful tool to help combat low self confidence, worry, anxiety and fear in children and adults alike. We carry some super combinations from Jan de Vries or can help you to choose individual remedies to create your own combination.

Sun Care – while the days may be pulling in a little, the sun is still shining and with temperatures up 25 / 26 degrees C predicted for the end of next week sun cream may still be needed. Natural sun creams such as Green People’s Organic Children range use natural minerals as a UVA/UVB barrier to protect even the most sensitive of skin.

Talking of skin, if your little ones are prone to eczema or irritated skin then try the fabulous Bioskin Junior range by Salcura. With soothing bath cream, a rich moisturising cream for outbreaks and eruptions and a brilliant anti-itching spray, it’s a complete skin care package for troubled skin. Combine with some of those all important essential fatty acids above to moisturise and nourish skin from the inside too!

For teenagers, Salcura also offer their Antiac range – designed to help reduce spots and blemishes without stripping the skin of it’s essential oils and drying it too much. Recommended by Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies it really does help to calm and reduce outbreaks.

Teenage years can be tricky as hormones begin to fly around, their moods change (frequently and instantly!) and life takes a new path. For some, anxieties may worsen, some may feel  “out of control” while others may struggle with friendships and social experiences. As a friendly shop, we’re often a familiar place and we do have things available which may help! Calming herbs such as Avena Sativa and Passiflora can be particularly useful, as can Rhodiola to help with the stress of dreaded GCSE and A Level exams. Pop in and have a chat so we can find the right remedy to help you through!

For the effects of flyaway hormones we have a number of remedies which may help, from Evening Primrose Oil to help with girl’s hormonal mood changes to Agnus Castus which may even help with teenage boys’ acne.

As always, pop in,call or email to chat to us first. Our trained advisors are here to ensure that you receive well qualified and balanced advice. We’ll always recommend you consult your GP whenever needed and we’ll never suggest you stop medication. We’re simply here to help!